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Ways We Can Help You

In the communities of Cuballing, Pingelly, Wickepin and Wandering we want to make sure no one is forgotten about or missing out on the care or financial support they are entitled to as they age. The services below are being offered to help keep people active in their community for as long as possible.


Participate In Your Community!

What do you like to do?

We will source activities and events that you are interested in and if you need help to join in we can help arrange it. 


We will seek to connect you with like-minded people you may wish to join up with! 

Where possible, we will facilitate transport arrangements to get you to and from activities and events.

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Find Out How To Get The Help You Need!

Are you eligible for Commonwealth aged care funding?

We will assist you to:

  • Find out if you are eligible for a home care package funded by the commonwealth designed to help you stay at home.

  •  Get the assessment booked in

  • Register with an approved aged care provider when assigned funds.

  • Arrange the services you need.

Short Term Restorative Care, funded by the commonwealth,

will provide just over $200 per day, 7 days per week for

8 weeks to boost your capability to stay at home.

This may be available if you have noticed a recent decline

in your physical, social, mental or emotional ability. 

If you have recently been in hospital and are coming back home, the Commonwealth may fund Transition Care support for up to 12 weeks to help you transition back into your home.

The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible

Aged Care Program may help ATSI people to stay living

in their own home in the community.

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PSA Cottage Homes 4.jpg

Help With Getting Housing!

Do you need housing or accommodation options?

If you are no longer able to live in your own home or need a home to downsize into as you grow older then we will assist you to find options in your community. 

If required, we will connect you to Intelicare smart home technology that will provide your chosen family and friends with peace of mind that you are safe and secure.


One Stop Shop to Get Help.

Make the call - The Village concierge is a one stop shop for small acts of kindness.


Phone or email if you need help.

The concierge team will ‘ask a member first’ and

find a range of options for you.

You can also volunteer to assist other members. 



Assistance with Technology!

Do you need help with your computer, mobile phone or completing tasks online?

We will assist you to connect with suitable people that can help you with technology either in your home or at an agreed place. We may run digital literacy groups to help you become familiar with Facetime, Facebook, Skype or other forms of social media to keep you connected with family and friends - even if they don't live in Western Australia!

Woman helping an elderly man with shopping

The Buddy System!

Would you like someone to go with you and introduce you to any event or activity?

In the future, our buddy system will help you get started and get involved.

Woman helping an elderly man with shopping

The Buddy System!

Would you like someone to go with you and introduce you to any event or activity?

In the future, our buddy system will help you get started and get involved.

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Help and Support from
our Volunteers!

Our volunteers can help with local transport, personal errands, inside and outside home assistance, and technical home office support.

Volunteers also help coordinate all aspects of The Village.


The mutual benefit of volunteering is greatly appreciated bringing enjoyment and meaning to belonging to the village.

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The Village Resource Centre!

Do you have individual requirements that need special solutions?

We will assist you to seek solutions for anything that you require that is not currently available for you at home or in your community. 

Our Village Resource Centre is linked to a global network of solutions for people to stay living at home in their community. In particular, we will assist and advocate for placed based solutions that suit people living in small rural and remote communities.

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Help with Accessing NDIS

Do you need assistance to access NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme provides packages of funding to ensure that people with a disability have access to supports they need to thrive at home and in their community.

If you are less than 65 years of age and have a functional disability we can assist you with the process to access the NDIS.

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